Meet Max


Max has secrets. Painful secrets. Secrets he keeps to himself. He covers up for them by asserting his dominance and focusing on work. Brought up the son of a wealthy industrialist, he was sent off to boarding school at a young age. The experience distanced him from his parents and he learned to hide his emotions. Losing the love of his life scarred him deeply, and he’s fearful of loving again. It’s easier being a playboy… dating society women in public and playing at BDSM in private. Lauren on her own is unable to break through his armor, and it won’t be until Steve joins them that Max will let down his defenses and open up his heart. Once Max overcomes his inner conflict, however, external factors come into play and he will have to travel an emotional journey to reach his HEA.

Trenda Lundin

Before I sent the final draft of  Three: A Menage Erotic Romance to my editor-in-chief, John Hudspith, I had the invaluable help of beta-readers, the first and foremost of whom was an amazing lady, Trenda Lundin. An active reviewer for Bare Naked Words, Stephanie’s Book Reports, and Beyond the Valley of the Books, along with being a guest reviewer for Crystal’s Many Reviewers. Trenda went above and beyond when beta-reading my chapters. She was great at highlighting areas of the story which might have seemed clear to me, but weren’t to her. And she was a huge assistance in giving me feedback to help navigate the plot ahead.


Initially I wasn’t supposed to know Trenda’s identity, as I was introduced to her as a ghost-beta for Stephanie’s Book Reports. However, after my editor persuaded me to do a complete rewrite of “Three”, and I started sending T (as I knew her) my rewritten chapters, Stephanie gave her permission to reveal herself to speed things up.

Trenda was absolutely fantastic. She read and commented on my chapters without delay and I was able to keep the momentum going. We worked really well together. All I needed were her pointers. I took them and ran with them, creating a much better book as a result. Her honest and direct feedback were a real boost to my writing. As I said in the acknowledgments page in “Three”

“Trenda has become a valued critic and a friend. What started as simple beta reading has evolved into something much deeper. Three is a different book, thanks to your pointers, Trenda. Thank you!”

Whether you are looking for a beta reader or a closely involved critique partner, Trenda will be at your side. You can connect with her via her website or Facebook.