“Two Three Four” the complete trilogy on sale UK and USA from July 10-16!!!

“Two Three Four” has been reduced from $3.99/£2.99 to 99 pennies for one week in the USA and UK.

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One girl, two guys, and a whole lotta sexy.

Max Conti. One of the most eligible bachelors in Rome. Hot as f*ck and my boss.

Why am I crushing on him?

I don’t do crushes.

And I definitely don’t do falling in love.

But when Max proposes a “friends with benefits” relationship, and introduces me to his favorite kink, I find I can’t resist.

And then there’s Steve. Open to anything and a total hunk.

I shouldn’t want two men in my bed.

Except I do want them.

I want them so bad I can’t keep my head straight.

It’s lust, simple as that. No strings… just two guys, a girl, and a whole lotta sexy.

I can handle that.

Sure I can.

It’s no big deal.

But then, I fall for them.

Both of them.

My story will bring tears to your eyes.