35 thoughts on “Brute Audio is now Live!!!

  1. Angela Burke

    Oohhh, wow!! This sounds like an awesome Read! I can’t wait! Hugo Wylde and Hannah Martin make an awesome team!

  2. Bobbi Korte

    I love the duo reading! Hugh sounds as growly as I imagined Daniel to sound! Just love when that happens . . .

  3. jennifer mattey brooking

    Loved your last book on audio — will have to dive into this one in the next week or so

  4. Linda B

    Releasing an audio version is great, spreading the content to a wider audience, but I’m a Reader through and through. I’d love to win the book!

  5. Esther Erin Smith

    I haven’t really gotten into the audible books yet, heck it was hard enough for people to convert me to digital books ~ except the fact that I have so many that I would probably put some libraries to shame!!! I guess until I go blind I’m just gonna keep reading ~ and nah I love to sing to my steering wheel while driving LOL but the way I buy and read books will definitely keep plenty of authors employed for years to come so keep writing cuz Brute is on my TBR and Beast is on my TBRand will be ordering when released

  6. curling toes book talk

    Shared and tweeted! This is an awesome news! I’m very choosy when it comes to audio books but I will sure give this one a shot! Congratulations on your audio book release! BRUTE deserves to be heard! ♡♡♡

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