Excerpt from “Two Three Four” – On sale this week Amazon USA and UK!!!

Here’s an excerpt from “Two Three Four” which is on sale until midnight Sunday April 15th in the UK and USA only!!! Have you fallen in love with Max, Steve and Lauren yet?


USA: https://amzn.to/2Ex4WEP

UK: https://amzn.to/2l3d73A


“The door to the arrivals hall swings open. I’m suddenly nervous at seeing Max again. What will it be like staying with him at the villa? His way of life is so different than what I’m used to. How will I feel being around him all the time? It won’t be easy to keep my heart from ruling my head.

There he is! Tall, dressed in a dark suit and open-necked white dress shirt, his broad shoulders tapering to a slim wait, his close-cropped beard defining his powerful jaw, he’s so fucking gorgeous. He comes up and we kiss each other on both cheeks, Italian-style. “Wonderful to see you, Lauren. How was the flight?”

He hugs me to him and I catch the scent of his after-shave, the aroma of dark woods and warming spices. Tingles flush my chest warm. “Thanks for flying me Business, Max. I even managed to get some sleep.”

“Thank Conti Coffee, cara.” His voice is like liquid chocolate, smooth and enticing. “We wanted you here in good shape.” He takes hold of my suitcase. “Franco is waiting for us out front. You remember him, don’t you?”

I step out of the air-conditioned terminal. A black Audi A8 Sedan pulls up and Franco, silver-haired and dressed in a gray uniform, gets out. “Buongiorno, signorina.

Buongiorno, Franco. Nice to see you again.” I smile to myself, remembering the late night drives from the villa back to the accommodation arranged for me by my college during that summer internship. Max’s father was in charge of the company in those days, and we kept our friendship secret from him. I wonder if we can be more open about things now…

Franco stows my case and opens the door. I climb into the backseat and breathe in the scents of leather, fine upholstery and the lingering aroma of expensive cigars. Max sits next to me. He takes my hand and gives it a squeeze, the contact making my breath catch. I’m really here, back in Italy, with Max. Just sitting next to him is elevating my heart-rate.”

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