90 thoughts on “Valentines’ Day Giveaway!!!

  1. Heather Snyder

    OMG! I can’t wait to read this one! I know it going to be so HOT! 🔥 Thanks for the chance to win and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 🤞🤞💋


  2. jane

    I’d love to win a signed paperback of ‘Four’. haha then again, we all would. thank you for this opportunity! Havent read this one yet


  3. Natalie Holcomb

    I would be honored to win a copy of Four! Congratulations on your book and thank you for the giveaway! Happy early Valentine’s Day!!!!💖💖💖


  4. Jennifer Goins

    You are a new author to me and I haven’t had the wonderful opportunity to read any of your books .
    I would most definitely would love to read your books so I can post a review on Goodreads.com and on my Facebook page as Goodreads.com is where I post all of my reviews on again thank you for the wonderful opportunity to try and win .


  5. Henna Sarah

    Thank You So Much For This Amazingly Awesome Opportunity S.C. Daiko!! I Really Appreciate You Putting Together This Giveaway, And It Would Be My Dream Come True If I Were To Win!! I Have Bought Read And Loved Every Single One Of Your Books And ‘Four’ Is One Of My All-Time Favourite Books!! 💝 Thank You Again For This Crazy Awesome Opportunity!! 💝 💛 💙 💜 💚 ❤ 💗


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